section through trench fill wall foundation

We were engaged to provide a structural design service for not one but two extensions; a double extension project.

This project would extend both sides of a property; Riddwood Consulting Engineers' role was to provide the structural design for these extensions and also to assist in some structural alterations to the interior. We were expressly asked for detailed structural plans so that contractors of varying sizes could implement the design.

The Design Process

The design process started with a meeting between the design team. At this point it was discovered that the existing property was build on sloping terrain which contained an existing basement. This meant that the proposed extensions' foundations would impact on the existing structure. However, our talented team were able to achieve a compliant design without the need for widespread work to the existing building.

Our talented team achieved this through a collaborative approach and constant communication with both the architect and the homeowner. Additionally, we added extra detailing to our standard structural plans and as a result received positive feedback. As such, we have since rolled out this level of detailing on all subsequent projects.

For those interested in reading more information regarding the double extension project, you can do so by visiting our case studies page on our website. You will also be able to read the feedback given to us by the homeowner regarding the project and also see diagrams of the extensions and a photo of the property.

What Design Codes Were Used In This Project?

The following design codes were used in this double extension project:

  • Loadings for Buildings – BS6399: Part 1:1996 & Part 3:1998.
  • Structural use of Steelwork in Building – BS5950-1:2001.
  • Code of Practice for the use of Masonry – BS5628-1:2005.
  • Structural Use of Timber – BS5268-2:2002.
  • Structural Use of Concrete – BS8110-1:1997.

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