It’s often said that if something’s worth doing it is worth doing right, and there are no shortcuts to a good job. However, do you need to hire a civil, consulting, or structural engineer, or could that money be better spent elsewhere in your project?

What Is Engineering?

At its most basic – engineering is a form of science in which the engineering concepts can be applied in a given situation to solve a wide variety of problems. Using physics, mechanics, and higher mathematics, engineers can solve understand the concepts that underlay an issue. For example, they could calculate the loads for any building, ranging from a commercial interior space, to a suburban home, or even a military bunker.

Do you Need An Engineer?

There are some problems and issues that need an engineer’s assistance. For example, when an underground covered way was damaged on the London Underground our team of consulting engineers were contracted to provide a Temporary Works solution to provide a temporary works design that provided a solution without fixing into the permanent works structure and without providing any disruption to the London Underground service.

However, it isn’t just situations such as a damaged underground covered way that require the assistance of skilled engineers. Another example of our previous work is a residential design that included corner bi-fold doors. In order to meet the needs of the client, our team of engineers designed a steel frame that was completely hidden inside the rear wall of the extension, paying careful attention to the thickness of the posts so that enough insulation could be installed to avoid a cold bridge through the rear wall. However, our services did not end at the design process, we also provided continuous support to the contractor; ensuring a smooth operation throughout the construction phase.

Learn More about Our Engineering Services

If you would like to learn more information about the engineering services that are available from the Riddwood team, we recommend that you browse through the selection of case studies that are available on our website.

By reading through the previous works we have completed in our case studies, you will be able to learn about the design codes used during various projects and you’ll be able to read feedback from clients. As such, our case studies could provide valuable insight into our team’s engineering skills. For example, you could read about the above discussed projects on our case studies page.

Still Unsure? Get In Touch With The Riddwood Team Today

If you’re unsure if you need the skills of a civil, consulting, or structural engineer our friendly and experienced team will be happy to discuss your need and suggest which of our services are best suited to your needs.

Additionally, if you have any specific questions regarding any of the services that are available from the Riddwood team, such as our structural surveys or our services for internal modifications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our. Our team will be happy to help.

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