Riddwood civil engineer Reading team will be project managing a set of proposed works for Intersurgical’s Crane House and Remeha House properties. The works consist of a scheme to merge the two existing buildings into a single property.

Who is Intersurgical?

Intersurgical is Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory support.

Their production facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the company employ a total of 249 people at their Crane House facility. However, the business was in need of additional storage as well as improved facilities for visitors.

Intersurgical are one of the biggest employers in the Wokingham area and the Remeha House represents an opportunity to provide the additional space required whilst transforming the appearance of the buildings into a space befitting of a UK Headquarters.

However, with such a significant engineering project, you need the services of a highly experienced team of civil engineers, structural engineers and property management professionals, that’s where Riddwood can help.

The Proposed Works At Intersurgical

The overall scheme is to join the two existing buildings (Crane House and Remeha House) together, to create a single property that will become the UK Headquarters for Intersurgical.

The existing site at Crane House currently comprises a large warehouse with manufacturing, office and ancillary uses. Remeha House also comprises a warehouse, with ancillary office use.

Crane House and Remeha House are two well established business units located to the north of Molly Millers Lane. The total existing gross floor area of both buildings is 3928m².

The proposed development consists of two different works:

  • The Link
    It is proposed to provide a link between Remeha House and Crane House. Alongside these works will also be a new glass feature entrance for the Molly Millers Lane entrance.
  • The Cladding
    The cladding outside of the Remeha House property will be changed in order to match the existing cladding on the Crane House property. Additionally, window details currently existing on Remeha House will be changed so that they match those on Crane House. Thus providing one monolithic building that enhances the character of the site and area.

According to the proposed development, there will be a bespoke staircase and elevator (in order to provide access for disabled individuals) placed inside the new glass entrance. The elevator and staircase will take both staff and visitors to a new mezzanine floor area which will be created primarily to seal the first floor from the production activities below and also providing circulation space and a café area.

Currently visitors enter the building and circulate through the rear;however with the new proposed designs they will instead enter through the frontand then continue with their journey.

What next?

After the joining of the two buildings has been completed, Riddwood Consulting Engineers will continue to work closely with Intersurgical on other projects for their UK headquarters.

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