Riddwood Consulting Engineers were contacted by UKDNWaterflow (LG Group) in order to provide a design for the renewal of anexisting rail drainage design near Minster Station in Kent.

The Drainage Design Process

The talented team at Riddwood Consulting Engineers designeda drainage renewal scheme for the defective system which was already inexistence.

After completing an initial survey, our team produced ascheme design for the location of catch-pits (also known as man-holes) and theexact depth of drainage pipes. Thanks to this information, the Riddwooddesigner was able to prescribe gradients for the drainage system.

The team also made use of the virtual data on the VirtualSite Visit (ViSiVi) interface. Riddwood combined this data with the GNSS survey and the CCTV survey. Additionally, this project was developed using TeklaTEDDS, Microsoft Excel, and AutoCAD 2017.

What Design Codes Were Used In The Project?

The rail drainage design project for UKDN Waterflow(LG Group) in Sidcup, Kent used the following design codes.

  • NR/L2/CIV/003.
  • NR/L2/CIV005.
  • GI/RT7008.
  • GI/RT7003.
  • GC/RT5203.
  • GM/RT/1040.
  • NR/SP/BUS/011.
  • NR/SP/CIV/044.
  • NR/L2/INI/2009.
  • NR/L2/TRK/2102.

What Feedback Did the Client Provide?

The client, UKDN Water flow (LG Group) provided Riddwood Consulting Engineers with some fantastic feedback regarding this drainage design project. The Senior Project Manager wrote the following,

“Riddwood delivered adesign which met with strict compliance guideline whilst remaining as easy toimplement as possible".

If you would like to read the full client feedback for this project, you can do so by visiting our case studies page and reading the case study titled, Rail Drainage Design. This case study also includes more information regarding the design process for this project.

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