When you're searching for a new build in Reading, it is very important that you choose a business that provides a cost effective, practical and sustainable solution for your project.

In addition to choosing a trustworthy and skilled business such as Riddwood Consulting Engineers, it is also important that you choose a fantastic location for your new build property. All over the UK transport links are very important, however for those in the south of England; have you considered building a property near a Crossrail station in an area such as Reading or Twyford?

Why Is Crossrail So Fantastic?

What makes Crossrail so special? Isn't it just another train line?
In some ways, yes it is just another train line, but in other ways, it is such much more!

Spend Less Time Commuting To Work!

If your place of work is close to a Crossrail station, you can reduce your commute. For example, in Reading and Wokingham the closest Crossrail stations are Reading and Twyford. A Crossrail service will reach Paddington Station from Reading in 50 minutes and from Twyford in just 44 minutes.

This extra time you can save on a commute gives you valuable free time. It might be only a few minutes a day, but this time will eventually add up. It can be an extra few minutes with your children, it can give you a few extra minutes to fit in an exercise routine or to cook a healthy meal.

Enjoy Living In Beautiful Parts Of England. Such As Reading Or Twyford!

With the fantastic transport links soon to be provided with the upcoming introduction of Crossrail, you can enjoy living in many different areas whilst maintaining your employment in London.

There are many fantastic locations to live in the Reading area. Choosing a new build in Reading is a fantastic idea. Many locations across the Crossrail routes are fantastic places to live for both single professionals, couples without children and families. Some schools close to Reading and Twyford are:

Twyford has many other features that make it an incredibly desirable location. Whilst for families good school are important, for people who do not have children, Twyford has many other characteristics that make it desirable. It has a good community spirit and many community events. In addition to this, there are numerous restaurants in Twyford with positive reviews on Trip Adviser.

Complaining About The Trains!

Whilst complaining about the trains is a common topic of conversation for many Britons, there are many projects currently working to make train travel a more positive experience.

Many in the UK complain about the trains. Many voice their concerns regarding unreliability, constant lateness, frequent industrial strike action or overcrowded trains. According to a report in the Telegraph, a peak service from Brighton to London was the most overcrowded service, which is only designed to carry 420 passengers, but regularly carries 960 people on board during what they call a “typical weekday"

Overcrowded trains aren't a London only problem however. The second most overcrowded train is Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport. According to a report in the Independent, this train runs at 215% overcapacity.

With such overcrowded trains, the upgrades and improvements to rail travel are very important for commuters. These train upgrades aren't just limited to the upcoming Crossrail; there is HS2, Crossrail2 and numerous other improvements all over the country!

Why Should You Choose A Structural Survey From Riddwood Consulting Engineers

When you are purchasing a new build in Reading it can be very beneficial to have a full structural survey carried out, in fact sometimes it you would be advised to have one.

Riddwood Consulting Engineers has a team of specialist engineers to assess if any defects exist within a selected property and if a defect is found, they can detect if the defect presents a risk to the property's stability. Our team's work does not stop there; they will also be able to advise you regarding remedial work needed to be carried out on the property.

A full structural survey could also identify a problem which could affect the property of your new home, which in turn could affect the value if you make the decision to sell the property in future.

New Build Solutions From Riddwood Consulting Engineers!

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and our levels of communication with our clients. We work together as a team to provide a cost effective and practical solution for your project. Thanks to our professionalism and our efficient workflow, your project will run smoothly and thanks to our focus on communication, you will remain well informed throughout the process.

Interested? Give Riddwood Consulting Engineers a Call Today!

Homeowners looking to purchase a new home in Reading can make great use out of our consulting services. We are able to offer expert professional advice in a clear format to help you make a more informed decision. Our team of structural engineers are happy to assist you; providing advice and guidance on the best way to move forward.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to make and enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Our friendly and dedicated team will be able to provide further assistance with your enquiry by answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding the numerous services we offer for new homes in Reading or the surrounding areas.

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