Civil Infrastructure Projects

Riddwood Consulting Engineers' Senior Associates have worked across the World on wide ranging and diverse projects such as Motorway and Rail Corridor construction. Tunnelling using Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines, Road Headers and traditional NATM methods. Spanned Bridge and Cable Stayed Bridge Construction using Beam Erection, Incremental Launch and Segmental Launch methods. Design and Installation of Pipelines, Processing Plants and associated structures in the Coal, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

Culverts and Headwalls

Riddwood have a proficient team of Civil Engineers ready to design the drainage solution which best fits your individual site. From on-track works to drainage within tunnels and scupper drainage on elevated bridges, we have the qualifications and skill to help assist you in your Water Management obligations.

Tunnel Lining and Elevated Works (Bridges)

Our Engineers have been involved in some of the largest Civil Infrastructure projects in the World; from the first Segmentally Erected Cable Stayed Rail Bridge in the World (Sydney Australia) to the standard Pre-Stressed Beam and Plank bridges, we are skilled in the design of Segments, Beams, Abutments and Approach Slabs. Our tunnelling knowledge extends to both NATM and TBM methods of tunnelling with specific experience on both the largest Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine in the World (Airport Link Brisbane) and the fastest TBM in the World (Legacy Way Brisbane). If you have any requirements in either field, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Retaining Walls

With a background in creating tunnel declines and viaduct abutments, retaining walls have long been a staple solution in the Riddwood repertoire. Drainage requirements can be designed into your retaining walls and Riddwood can call upon considerable wisdom in the fields of piled walls, gabion baskets, reinforced concrete to pre-cast reinforced earth panels to accommodate your level change in a safe and economic way.
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