At Riddwood Consulting Engineers pride ourselves on our experienced team of professional site engineers and setting-out engineers. Our team operate on a range of projects and we are pleased to assist our clients with the provision of the expertise we have amassed on major civil infrastructure and rail projects. We pride ourselves on bringing the efficiency and safety conscious attitudes of these major projects to the industrial, commercial and residential construction sectors. We use the latest technology available to provide you with a the most cost-effective service.

Some of the engineering services we offer include:


We have many experiences of installing and measuring monitoring systems to detect movements on rail lines, embankments, houses and other structures. We can provide you with the latest surveying equipment for highest accuracies and data presented in a variety of formats, from spreadsheets to plans and 3D models for the best interpretation

Site Engineering

Our engineers and office-based staff work together to ensure we deliver the design into the reality. We consult with your site management to define parameters for requested setting out and then work along-sideground-workers and trades on specific line and level requirements, whether setting tripods for reduced levels or installing pipe lasers. We work hard to ensure sure things are in the right place and allow your resources to concentrate on productivity.

Recording of 'as-built' or 'as-dug' surveys

We deliver detailed plans and records of the constructed project including the 'as built' drawings which are a critical resource when displaying to clients or external surveyors whether the construction requirements have been met. These resources are the optimal level of information for recording your asset and used in future development projects, proving compliance with standards and routine maintenance operations.

All our employees for measured building, topographical and engineering surveys are legislatively site compliant; trained and competent with safety and health legislation including CSCS and Sentinel/PTS for the railway industry.


We are continually involved in a long-term railway monitoring projects due to constantly changing conditions on or adjacent to the railway infrastructure. Riddwood have a record of attending site within hours working to develop and issue the track monitoring plan including the requirement and provision of safety critical staff. With these resources in place we can set up local grids, build a grid of monitoring targets on rails and adjacent structures or embankments and using our precise Total Station technology we are able to detect, monitor and record any ground and rail movements. We aim to issue reports to the clients and stakeholder with four-hourly reports.


Riddwood Consulting Engineers regularly supply our team of engineers to provide technical support and survey expertise on permanent drainage projects. Our role on these projects includes ensure positional compliance, observing compliance with the design and recording the as-constructed asset. We can distribute the information on the newly installed asset to clients in a number of different formats as requested by our clients.

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