Riddwood Consulting Engineers are experience in providing surveys of the existing drainage systems and sewers on residential and industrial sites, road projects and rail infrastructure. We will help you to map your required area and locate, identify and record buried manholes, pipes, cable management systems or similar assets to provide accurate information for planning, allow maintenance of the asset or assist in the re-design or removal of the item. This will eliminate or help to remove project delays and additional costs through asset damage, planning issues, or costly structures to overcome the existing infrastructure.


What do we produce?

We provide detailed plans, complete with; pipe sizes, depths, direction of flow and final reports with additional details required by clients with photographs. We can overlay this information with the topographical plans to identify where defects might be occurring, clashes with proposed building works might cause delay or cost and checking and proving compliance with specification for main roads. In addition to the above, if you need a condition report on the utilisation of your drainage network, we are experienced with all types of drainage; Victorian brick, lead, pitch-fibre, wavin or the TDE and geo-composite materials used in the rail industry.

How do we do it?

We employ the latest Electro Magnetic Locators (EML) or Sonde equipment, which when attached to rods or CCTV cameras allows us to survey pipes, sewers and small culverts and we are able to monitor and record the position in real time and locate assets, issues or areas of damaged infrastructure. This information is tracked relative to ordnance survey grid and depth from the surface or a nominated datum (in the case of proposed future projects).


Once we know what is in place, Riddwood can provide an assessment of how the condition of the pipe or drain. We will calculate the capacity and rate of flow to ensure compliance and in the case on non-compliant infrastructure, Riddwood can provide you with drainage calculations for pipes, soak aways and storage units. In addition, we offer temporary works design if required for trenches or deep excavations.

We are able to create 2D and 3D plans and interactive models using wide range of formats, compatible with almost all programmes.

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